Project Management

VEPIC’s project management team manages cost, schedule, and scope within the standard guidelines of the PMP process. Beyond the PMP process, our project management team has extensive end-user experience with the actual Stage-Gate/Phase-Gate process. We have also formulated adaptable versions of these processes to meet specific client requirements. This adaptability has allowed VEPIC to execute small ($250M) projects to medium ($20MM).

Shaking Hands

Why Choose Us

VEPIC can consistently meet the schedule within 10% of the estimate because we base our plan on actual contractual dates. We can keep your projects on a budget by accurately estimating costs upfront. Our estimators are experienced and trained to leave no stone unturned when looking at the costs of a project.

Construction Management

Make sure all your bases are covered with our construction management team in place. If you are short on staff or experienced personnel, our specialists can ensure a seamless pressure vessel construction process. We can assist you in building very large vessels in the field while ensuring safety and quality control processes are in place through QA/QC oversight. We’ve gathered experience from different refineries across the US and brought together a wealth of safety experience in one company—this allows us to expose safety concerns and add extra safety to each site.

Let VEPIC Do the Job

Consider hiring us to accomplish your projects and construction processes seamlessly. Request a service from us.