Examples of VEPIC’s Work

We are your top choice when it comes to specialized engineering solutions. See for yourself; view examples of VEPIC’s work below.

Conceptual Pressure Vessel

The pressure vessel pictured was quickly created for the client to aid in budgeting for a project. Drafting a conceptual design can help fabricators provide a preliminary budget for any scope of work. It can help save time and money and ultimately drive the project during the early stages. This is another example of the impact that VEPIC’s drafting department can offer in a time of need.

Nozzle Pro Demo

VEPIC was tasked with generating a set of ASME Section VIII Division 1 pressure vessel calculations. As part of the calculations, hillside lifting lugs on the head had to be assessed. A common task in our industry, however, most software specifically for pressure vessels limits lifting analysis to ear or trunnion type lifting lug configurations and does not adequately address local stresses in the shell. This is one of those cases where finite element analysis comes in handy. Our knowledgeable engineering department was able to model and verify the adequacy of a set of top head hillside lifting lugs using cutting-edge software.

High-Pressure Div. 2 Vessels Built to Div. 1

One of our latest projects, a Discharge Sphere and Suction Scrubber, was replaced on a large compressor skid. We produced PE stamped engineering drawings and calculations for the client.

These high-pressure vessels would typically fall under ASME BPVC Section VIII, Division 2; however, there are provisions in the code that allow fabricating and U-stamping a vessel as Division 1 even though the design conditions would normally fall under Division 2.

Compressor Bottles

Until ASME combines the three divisions for section VIII of the boiler code, certain provisions would allow a Div. 2 vessels (> 5000 psi rat) as a Div. 1 vessel. One must understand what the code requires in such a scenario to execute this successfully. Experience with ASME code and utilizing the latest software enable VEPIC to run calculations to verify that several compressor bottles rated for more than 5000 psi could be replaced with Div. 1 stamped vessels. VEPIC recreated new AutoCAD fabrication drawings for the equipment based on existing PDF drawings.

Box Vessel

Although VEPIC specializes in pressure vessels and storage tanks, we provide a diverse array of abilities and knowledge that continue to help our clients with any problem. The box vessel shown here was created by one of our new drafters using the latest AutoCAD software. The drawing encompassed fabrication detail over multiple sheets and was completed in less than two weeks. This is an example of the diversity of VEPIC’s drafting department and its ability to deliver an array of drafting needs quickly.